Hi Dan, 'Thanks for the stilts last night. Feedback from my client was simply ‘AMAZING!’. Rachael, Aesthetics Events


'Dear Dan, A HUGE thank you for your statue/stilt walkers at Rick's 50th. Everyone was bowled over by you both and thought that you were amazing. I am trying to think of another reason to book you again!! I shall recommend you to everyone I meet.Once again, THANKYOU :D'!’. Sarah


'Hi Dan, I should tell you that you are the best person to work with because you are amazingly quick with your responses!' Mamta Wagh, Pencell Pr & Events



'On a personal note, I was very impressed with your attention to detail, careful planning and hands-on approach on the A380 production. During the shoot, you infused a positive team spirit among the cast and crew which motivated them to arrive excited about their work and enjoy the experience each day. Once again, thank you for your professional commitment and personal dedication to support us on this project. With your help, the A380 production is a great success!' Samuel S Bhite, Emirates Group 



'It was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team (feels like we’re actually part of the same team!). You guys did a great job and everything went off very smoothly considering the magnitude of the project'. Samantha McChesney, Emirates Group



'Dear Georgie, Gemma, I spoke on the phone directly to Gemma but want to say again in written manner: THANK YOU so much for all the work you have done to save our filmwork in Abu Dhabi. All worked out fantastic and we are absolutely happy with all you have done. Just wanted to say this again and hope we can find a chance for new cooperation in the coming months or years'. Peter Effenberg, Hoferichter & Jacobs   




‘I loved working with Bareface and I appreciate all the efforts of Simone and the team. simone was a positive spirit who went the extra mile with every request. dougal paterson is officially one of my top two favorite photographers in dubai. i would not hesitate to use bareface again and i would recommend you guys in a heartbeat.’
reference to bareface’s assistant producer simone mazloumian from Firas Wahbeh, Bates Pan Gulf 

‘thanks again for such a successful production. we are so pleased working with you and we had such a great time in dubai thanks to bareface and Alchemy Films. we are truly cherishing the moments when back here in sweden with rain and sleet.’
Charlotta Beigren, Bodén & Co 

‘our VVIP diamond jewellery event was enhanced by models who were gorgeous to look at and also exceptionally professional and enthusiastic. additionally, the hairdresser and make-up artist provided by bareface ensured that the models' look complimented both their designer jewellery and evening gowns perfectly.’
Emilie Loivet, Buchanan Middle East 

‘having worked with all the casting agencies in town i would say you guys are # 1’
Karen, Central Films 


‘we would like to thank bareface for the quality of the service we recieved for our fashion shooting at the desert. our make-up and hair stylist dennie has performed absolutely an amazing job. She was really so helpful during the entire shoot.’
Yasemin Karani, De Beers diamond jewellers 


‘we really appreciate everyone's hard work - the models, stylists and hair person were all very easy to work with and amenable to what needed to be done.  all of our dealings were great - everyone was communicative and helpful, and made the process very easy it could have been a very bad situation trying to set up a shoot so far from our home - but bareface made it a pleasure.’ 
Ramona Rosenberg, Detour Design (new york usa)

‘we've really enjoyed working with you and bareface! you've been really helpful throughout, very accommodating to our needs and have been professional at all times, which has been greatly appreciated given the scale of this job. your help throughout the casting was invaluable. i will be passing your name round the office for any future jobs we get in dubai!’  
reference to bareface's model booker stefanie forbes from Hannah Goffee, The Edge Picture Company (uk) 

‘it was a pleasure working with all the models and make up artists that we had for Emaar. they were so professional and punctual. they never complained about anything and especially when we were shooting outdoors in the sun. we would like also to thank you for being so patient and understanding. looking forward to work with you again and again as you're the only agency that i trust.’
Rachel AbouaAnne (producer) working on behalf of Emaar 

‘I would like to make a personal thank you to a great team of specialists that I worked with recently on a photoshoot at the new terminal 3. being an image consultant myself I felt that the whole team were very approachable, organised and made me feel welcome on the shoot.
I would really like to thank simone - production coordinator for the hard work and energy she puts into creating a very organised and professional photoshoot held on the 4th september 2008. along with her experienced team dennie - makeup artist and mary kei - stylist who were particular about their work and obviously took a lot of pride and paid a lot of attention to details through the outcome of the models looking to Emirates standards and of course immaculate.’ 
Janine Gemmell (training specialist image & uniform department), Emirates Airline 

‘i want to once again thank each and every one of you and your teams for assisting Emirates on this "Onboard" photo shoot. we had a successful shoot due to everyone's collaboration, organization and flexibility for last minute changes. not to mention the positive attitude and the ongoing smiles from dawn to dusk. thank you so much for your support, time and teamwork. i look forward to working with you all again soon.’
Tinosh, Emirates Airline 

‘the shoot went really well. simone did an outstanding job of keeping us on schedule, fed and organized. she is superb! the makeup artists were great with the make-up and i was pleased with their talent. stylist duane was awesome and pulled through with fantastic wardrobe and all the models looked really sharp, sophisticated and classy. all together, we really appreciate the support and the service we received from the barefaced team. thanks so much’
reference to bareface’s assistant producer simone mazloumian from Tinosh, Emirates Airline 


‘the crew and the models team were fantastic! I confirm the crew and the models are always WOW!’
Myriam Djelouat on an emirates bride shoot 


‘we are back in denmark after a perfect photo shoot in dubai. we are very satisfied with everything and after 21 years with photo shoots we have to say that you did/gave one of the best impressions. david is a fantastic, smiling and professional man – who is very organised. he’s thinking everything down to “the small detail” and that make everything very easy for us. i will recommend him to all type of clients. he’s well prepared and always on time – always with a smile and with full energy. i think you can be very proud of him as an employee.’
reference to bareface’s international shoots producer david kominek from Jesper Rasmussen, Friendtex A/S 

'thank you very much for all your effort and support. my team came back all smiles. it was a perfect experience. you guys were really flexible...thank you very much.'
Malak Maghrabi, FullStop Advertising (saudi arabia)

‘working with a variety of production agencies in dubai, bareface certainly came head above as anticipated. i strongly recommend a pat on the back to them all.’
Hywell, international photographer 


‘i was super happy with the story, i really love dubai and the uae world, very visually interesting to me, i definitely would like to come back soon.’ 
Laurie Bartley, management artists USA shooting in dubai for Vogue

Thank you very much for all your help on the shoot. It went very well and smooth. Lorna was super great to work with, and Abdullah was hilariously funny and a smart one!...Thanks again and looking forward to working with you on future projects.
Dima el Atab, creative director, LIMEDESIGN

‘my crew speaks highly of your agency and how professional you all are’
Kamal Saleh, executive producer/director, MBC


‘i just wanted to tell you on behalf of Relay, Leo Burnett and ASPIRE, that the photo shoot went absolutely great last week. your photographers’ dougal and phil where very helpful, patient, focused and seemed to have enjoyed the project and being there! thank you once again for your work and for organizing this shoot with us and we look forward to more projects with you guys in the near future.’
Pascale Lahad, Relay Dubai 


‘i would like to thank you and your team for a truly wonderful job from the start of this production and throughout, a great 2 days of shoot that were truly enjoyable and highly professional from your side.’
reference to bareface’s producer jax dyer from Osama Nasr, video and graphics producer, zayed university

‘i feel comfortable saying that bareface is definitely my agency of choice. options are delivered swiftly and methodically. your bookers are very courteous and fast acting in any situation’
Trey Grigg, Independent casting agent 

‘i just wanted to take the chance to let you know all what a wonderful agency you are.  having lived here for a while I have come to see what a great job you guys have done......i feel very blessed to be a part of bareface and i want to thank you all for being such wonderful agents!  thank you! thank you! thank you!’ 
Loukia Papadopoulas, model

‘thanks for such a considerate and organized crew last evening. they cleaned up quickly, left on time and were very polite and friendly’ 
Cynthia Tolner, location owner